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Spanakopita: spa-na-koh' pee-ta (Spinach pie made with layers of phyllo and a filling of seasoned spinach, onions and scallions, feta, and sometimes eggs.)

Kourabiethes: koo-rab-ee-eth' es (An almond butter cookie covered with powered sugar.)

Melomacarona: me-loh-ma-ka'-roh-na (A honey dipped cookie and topped with spiced walnuts.)

Tyropita: tee-roh'-pee-ta (Three different cheeses and eggs, wrapped with fillo dough.)

Baklava: bak-la-va' (A dessert made of paper-thin layers of pastry, chopped nuts, and honey.)

Soupa Avgolemono: (Soo'pa avgo-le'mo-no). (Soup made with chicken broth, rice and egg-lemon sauce.)

Anginares: An-gee-na'res. (Artichokes)

Patates: Pa-ta'tes. (Potatoes.)

Tiganites: Tee-ga-nee-te's. (Fried.)

Kokinnistes sto Fourno: Ko-kee-nees-te's sto foo'r-no. (Oven brown potatoes.)

Horta: Ho'r-ta. (Greens.)

Fasoulakia: Fa-soo-la'kia. (Green beans cooked with tomato sauce and herbs.)

Fasoulada: Fa-soo-la'tha. (Great northern beans, cooked with onions, sliced or diced carrots, tomato sauce and herbs.)

Dolmathes: Dough-l-ma'thes. (Grapeleaves stuffed with rice)

Keftethes: Ke'f-te'thes. (Meatballs blended with herbs and fried in olive oil.)

Arni Psito: Ar-nee' Psee-tau'. (Lamb roasted in oven or spit rubbed with lemon juice, garlic, pepper and salt.)

Psari: Psa'ree. (F ish.)

Glossa: Glo's-sa. Flounder. (Broiled or baked with sauce.)

Garides: Gar-ee'thes. (Shrimp.)

Bakaliaro: Bak-alia'raugh. (Cod fish, fried or baked with sauce.)

Pestrofa: Pe'st-rough-ah. (Fresh water trout.)

Kotopoulo: Kaught-o'-pool-o. (Chicken.)

Stithos: Stee'thos. (breast.)

Pothi: Paw'thee. (Leg.)

Spagetto: Spa-yet'-oh. (Spagetti.)

Maroulosalata: Mar-oo-los-al-ata. (Greek salad with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, Greek salad dr essing, olives and feta cheese.)

Psomi: Psaugh-mee'. (Bread.)

Krasi or Inos: Kras-ee' or ee'nos. (Wine.)

Bira: Bee'rah. (Beer.)

Nero: Ner-raw'. (Water.)

Frouto: Froo'toh. (Fruit.)

Milo: Mee'low. (Apple.)

Stafilia: Staf-fee'lee-ah. (Grapes.)

Karpouzi: Kar-poo'zee. (Watermelon.)

Peponi: Pep-oh'nee. (Canteloupe.)

Rothakino: Raw-tha'kee'nau.


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